03.05.2021 - Server Opening at 12.March 17.00 Server time
03.05.2021 - Gift from Administration: type /boost ingame to get FREE red fenrir

Updates v2

A new game update has been made, to play the game run launcher to get the latest update! or download the manual patch HERE

Remade 3D Camera Plugin (F6 to Enable/Disable, right mouse button to rotate, scroll to zoom)
Added Gun Crusher 6th and 7th Mastery items
Gremory Case issue when withdrawing items from Personal Store
Fixed selection of Talismans use with Item Level Upgrade mix

Added BloodAngel shield, DarkAngel Shield, Holyangel Shield, Soul Shield, Blue Eye Shield, Silver Heart Shield available for all classes that can wear shields! Shields are available in Xshop!
Elite bosses Abys Atlans, Socred Canyon, Red Icarus, Arnil temple spawn every 15minutes!
Added Minimap + Spots in red Icarus/Arnil temple!

Published by ZenMu 23/03/2021