03.05.2021 - Server Opening at 12.March 17.00 Server time
03.05.2021 - Gift from Administration: type /boost ingame to get FREE red fenrir

Easter Event & UpdatesV5

New updates and Easter event have been enabled for the server, run Launcher to get an update or download manually and extract over old client from HERE

Easter is coming and the new Invasion has added Moon Rabbit Event, it spawns in Lorencia every 3hours, Spawns has a 30second immortality barrier, and is announced on the post! Reward: RUUD

Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly
Fixed fail on 100% success rate for selection of Chaos Box mixes
Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working
Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings creation
Fixed COMBO skill effect appears at invalid cases
Fixed F8 UI hide not working
Fixed F7 crash game client in certain scenarios
Disabled 3D camera on Elebeland for now
Fixed selection of mastery upgrade mix not working when the input item option is greater than 16
Decreased slightly (for a better experience) max zoom out range for 3D Camera plugin

Decreased Deep Dungeon monster respawn time

As there is issues with Candy and Chocolate box system new box has been added to game: Goblin Treasure Box (Blue) which has the same drop rate and list as Chocolate/Candy box.
Example: To Obtain it with mu helper type in Treasure



Published by ZenMu 28/03/2021