03.05.2021 - Server Opening at 12.March 17.00 Server time
03.05.2021 - Gift from Administration: type /boost ingame to get FREE red fenrir

Updates V6

New updates was aplied to server, to play game run ZenMu Update.exe to get latest udpate automaticaly!

From this update resets no longer burns stats, more updates below.

Fixed not working defense bonus as benefit of mastery ancient set
Fixed 3rd/4th master skills of Defense increase while equpping 3rd/4th wings not working properly
Fixed certain scenario of Personal Store invalid jewels price inserted to Gremory Case after sale
Fixed Gens contribution save for selection of cases
Fixed inability to equip Decoration rings together with transformation rings
Fixed UTF-8 based languages not displaying text properly in game client
Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings config
Fixed guardian options lower/upper level bounds
Fixed Guild Matching waiting applicant approval if length of character name is 10
Fixed inability to receipt Errtels from Gremory Case
Fixed 4th wings of Gun Crusher are not visible by others
Fixed visual issues of 4th Gun Crusher Wings and its other equipment parts
Fixed inability to complete GUIDE/MU quests at certain scenarios
Fixed use of Jewel of Kondar and Excess on regular/mastery set items
Fixed Duel System Enable option not working
Fixed inability to repair earrings
Fixed inability to upgrade earrings level at Chaos Goblin Mix
Fixed defense bonus for wearing full non-ancient set


Published by ZenMu 10/05/2021